Acquisition Management

Aneon offers Acquisition Management solutions through all phases of the acquisition and contracts life cycle. This includes pre-solicitation, solicitation, post-award and close out activities.

Aneon provides expertise in the following areas:

Acquisition Planning

Market Research

Requirements Definition

Assistance with Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE)

Draft Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Draft Statement of Objectives (SOO)/Statement of Work (SOW)

Performance Work Statements (PWS)

Source Evaluation Plan

Single and Competitive Source Selection Evaluations (Cost Volume)

Assistance in drafting Solicitations Sections (B, L, and M)

Ensure Fair Opportunity

Best Value Evaluations


Document Contract File

Assist with Debriefing Information

Protest Support

Kick-off Meeting

Implement Cost/Schedule Control

Develop Award / Incentive Fee Plan and SLAs

Implement Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan

Review Invoices & Monthly Financial Report

Validate GFE/GFI/Tools/ODCs

De-obligate any Funding Balance

Closing Out Contracts and IAs (Interagency Agreements)